How to Download and Setup Android Studio

Android App Development is very wide topic now a days. There are many beginners who want to build there career in Android App Development and they just need small guidance for creating there first project. So, in this article I will explain you step by step "How to Download and Install Android Studio in your PC"

Topics that I cover in this Article

  1. From where download Android Studio.
  2. Components which is needed to Install Android Studio.
  3. How to Download required components of Android Studio.
  4.  How too Install and Setup such component in your PC
  5. How to Install Android Studio in your pc.
  6. What is SDK
  7. Why SDK is important
  8. How much time take to install android studio
  9. Is internet required during the time of installation.
  10. Basics understanding about version of Android studio.
So, without wasting any time. Lets get started :

Android Studio :

  • STEP 1
To download Android Studio You can Search Android Studio on Google and then click on first link :  and despite of that that you can download Android studio from the below mentioned link : 

Android Studio

Click here to Download Android Studio 

  • STEP 2
But before installing android studio, you have to decide in which language you want to develop android app if you want to develop a app in kotlin they you don't need to do anything but most of the developers use java to develop a android app and you are one of them then before installing Android Studio you have to install JAVA JDK means Java development Kit in your system and for this You have to search Java JDK in google search and again click on first link as per the screenshot or you can also directly download the component from given link.

Click here to Download Java JDK

  • STEP 3
After downloading JAVA JDK and Android Studio first you have to install JAVA JDK and then you have to create a path for Java.

  • Click on Setup
  • By Clicking Next- Next - Next you have to install JAVA JDK
  • When Installation is getting completed then Go to This PC > Installation Drive (C: Drive) > Program Files > Java > Your Java Version > Bin 
  • Then Copy the Path as per the below screenshot

Copy the path like this.

  • Then Click on This PC Properties
  • Then Advance System Setting > Environment Variable
  • Delete Existing path and create New Path and in Value add which you copied from Program Files like Screenshot
Java Setup

Now Installation of your Java is Completed you can check it on Command Prompt by using "JAVAC" command.

Now You have to Install Android Studio :

  1. Double Click on Setup which you downloaded from the internet.
Now Just Follow the Steps, It takes more than 1 hours and if you face any problem then you can watch the below embeded video.

So, this is the complete process of downloading and Installing Android Studio, But If you face still face a problem then do comment your query in below comment box.

Hope you Like My Effort, Please Share this with your loved ones and Buddies.

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