Few Easy Ways to Earn Money Online

Now a days earning money online is in trend and we are extremely lucky to be living in the Internet age. After the great industrial revolution, we are experiencing something even greater. Whether we are a student or a housewife or employed person, there are numerous ways you can make money through internet and from the comfort of your home. 
     Your age, sex, education, nationality is now no barrier. Anybody with willingness and some skill can make money from internet! Think of the internet as a big friend who can connect you with someone who needs your skills and time and is ready to pay for it. By displaying your skills properly and making your digital presence, you can make huge money online also by doing things you’re already doing.
Following are the simplest ways to earn money online.

As we know, internet is good not only for news, information, social media and video games – you can also make money from it. The amount of money you can earn ranges from a little pocket money to almost living off the income! Think of the internet as a giant world of possibilities where you can turn your imaginations into reality and also earn money from it.
If your strategy is right or innovative, it is possible to earn money on internet. In other words, by offering right product or service to the right target segment at the right price, you can make some easy money online doing things you’re good at or are passionate about.

Following are the some best ways to earn money online :

  • Blogging / Vlogging    

If you are good at expressing yourself, especially you can write well and passionately about a product, place, service or just a hobby then you can profitably blog. The key here is to write on something or about a particular thing which attracts a large number of people and they find it interesting. In other words, the contents of your blogs should be engaging that the reader wants to come back for more. Secondly, the reader should find the content worth sharing. If the contents is useful, interesting, unique then it is likely to go viral.
After starting up a personal blog, write a couple of articles (blogs), make them interesting by adding picture, info graphics, videos etc. share it on a few popular social media sites. Be patient, keep writing and responding to the comments of the readers. Also take due note of the feedback of your readers and act on the positive suggestions. Once the blog becomes popular, you may sign of for ad services like Google AdSense, Facebook ads and all. These companies would put text and image ads on your blog. You shall be paid for the number of clicks by the readers on your blog site. You just have to constantly produce and upload well written, informative and engaging content to retain the readership and add more to the number of your website visitors. The more times your blog readers click on those ads, the more money you’ll make through the ad service.

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Over a period of time, some of the manufacturers or sellers may approach you directly to place their ads. Of course, this would be based on the profile of your visitors. you may be approached by companies who want to reach your fan base with graphical advertising around your blog. And lastly I want to add one more thing here although about this I also write below, you can also make video vlog which is at this time in demand and believe me  if you have talent to explore then you can make huge from it.

  • Freelancing

If you are new to the concept of Online Freelancing then to understand it faster, I’d say that Freelancing is similar in some ways to blogging. Once you get the work through internet, which is by registering yourself on certain sites, you can complete these assignments from the comfort of your home and at the time you choose to work. It is like work from home and during flexible times. Also you choose how many hours you want to put in every day or every week. Alternatively, you may decide your goals in terms of earning per week or per month. Now taking this concept further, writing is not the only way to make money online. As a freelancer, there are a lot of services you can offer, even if you are a student or full time mom or teenager or a working employee, you can work from home.

Works that You Can Do From Your Home :

  1. Online Tution or Coaching
  2. Software Development or Programming
  3. Video Editing
  4. Music Creation
  5. Animation Making
  6. Online Marketing or Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  7. Website Designing
  8. Photography
  9. Graphic Designing
  10. Language Translating
However, to be successful in getting the assignments regularly, there are certain conditions. Once you have to be good or rather better than others in the chosen field. Then, you have to competitively priced. You have to build an online reputation by delivering in time and consistently with standards of quality.

Few Freelancing websites are:

  • Selling Handmade Goods or Dropshipping

      If you are very good at creating or making things at home which has a niche market and don’t compete with big established brand names. It could be home made paintings  or you are good at making tasty pickles, jams and cookies. Then for a nominal price you can ask a professional to set up a website for you giving the details of the products you make, the preparation time, the delivery mode and the price.
       And if you not want to  make your own website then also you can join Big online Marketplace like Amazon, eBay, Banggood etc to sell your product. And If we talk about dropshiping then you can Purchase product from one website and sell it on another website. It is quite similar to selling own goods.

  • E-Book Publishing 

Few decades ago being a writer is very tough job because of costing of printing a book is very high but now time has been changed and you can publish your books without investing any money as a form of ebook and if you have a good writing skill then you can make huge money from it even now you can also publish audio books.
      The well know and biggest eBook self-publishing platform are:

Check our Vlogging Channel : www.youtube.com/user/shaunitnishant

  1. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program. KDP is free to use, and KDP authors keep up to 70% of revenue from the sales of their books. Once you upload your script to KDP, it will appear for sale on Amazon, where readers can download it to their Kindles.
  2. Nook Press offered by Barnes
  3. Google E-Books
  4. Apple E-Books

  • Video Sharing

If you have a good idea – funny or useful (like recipes, how to do technical stuff) or informative and a decent camera (You can start from your Smartphone because now most of the smartphone have decent camera) then go ahead and create some good videos. There are some sites likeYouTube, Facebook and Dailymotion which let you upload your videos.
        Talking specifically of YouTube, it pays you for uploading your videos on its site. As long as you have an Google Adsense account you are paid under YouTube Partner Program. You will earn money by receiving certain percentage of the advertising revenue collected by YouTube per CPC and from 2018 as same a youtube you can also make money from facebook. So go ahead and upload some interesting videos, share it with rest of the world, and this field could be not only a great way to earn money through internet but make you famous too.

  • Sell Photographs Online

Now everyone have a decent camera because of  the Smartphone, most of the people love to take photos -Even though we are not a professional photographer and are just a student or have photography as a hobby, you may have at capturing a few special moments with your cameras and phones.
         Now internet offers ways to make money from our photographs by selling them online!
There are hundreds of individuals and organisations who require photos and images regularly for their blogs, websites, magazines and brochures, posters and elsewhere – and they are willing to pay photographers for the right to use them. With some spare time, a good camera, a fine eye and a steady hand for a photo opportunity, selling photographs online can be a good way to make extra money. Take advantage of existing stock photography websites. It is free to register with some of these sites to sell the photos are following:

  1. Shutterstock
  2. PhotoShelter
  3. SmugMug etc.
After signing up, simply upload your photos and submit them for approval. If some of your photographs get accepted and if someone likes your photos and wants to buy it then you will get a percentage of the sales value from thier website.

  • Domain Buying and Selling

This is little bit risky business but you can make huge money from it. You can buy potential domains in cheap price and put it on listing and you can sell it ll at a higher price than you are buying but you just have to take one thing is in your mind only buy those domains which you thing that may be it will be in demand not every domain become success here and you can also buy websites along with the domain name, make necessary changes – if required, do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to drive more traffic to them and then sell it for a profit.

Our Main Website : www.kknlive.com

To make money out of domain flipping, you need to have instincts of a shrewd businessman. Very much like stock market or reality business, you identify potential domains which can sell at a higher price than you are buying – now or after some time.
These domain names could be out of existing domain names for sale or booked afresh buy you. The trick is to buy cheap and sell to a buyer who is willing to buy at a good price. Of course, you can also buy websites along with the domain name, make necessary changes – if required, do SEO to drive more traffic to them and then sell it for a profit.

Some Domain Buying and Selling Websites are :
  1. Godaddy
  2. Bigrock
  3. Namecheap etc.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Now a days affiliate marketing is also very popular you can sign up for affiliate program of online shopping companies and get the commission from the marketplace just you need to have a popular website or a page where you can promote their product.

Some Affiliate Program Website are : 
  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. Banggood
  4. GearBest
  5. Alibaba
  6. Flipkart
  7. Snapdeal etc.
Summary of whole post :

Following are the Methods from which you can Earn Money Online :
  1. Blogging / Vlogging
  2. Freelancing
  3. Selling Handmade Goods and Dropshiping
  4. E-Book Publishing
  5. Video Sharing
  6. Sell Photographs Online
  7. Buying and Selling Domains
  8. Affiliate Marketing
Now you have many ideas to earn money through internet. So Why you are waiting ? Get into action and start making money online, from now.

Well, Do you like this post..If yes, then comment your thought and share it with your buddies and also tell them to earn online at least for a pocket money. Cheers and Enjoy ! 

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