How to enable full screen for embedded video in webview and stop reload on orientation change

Hey lovely peoples, How was your day going on..I this article I explain you "How to enable full screen for embedded video in webview and stop reload on orientation change". This process is not so difficult but most of the new creators face such type of issues even when i starting to create my app i also face this issue but don't worry in this article i provide you a complete source code with the help of this source code you can easily menupulte your android app.
       By the way in the previous article I explain you completely with source code "Convert a Website into Android Application with Navigation Drawer Layout" So in this article i only provide you So if you not created a project then firstly read my previous article and if you want to enable full screen video webview and stop reload on orientation change, just change the from your previous project :

Android Webview video enable webview

Below are the Source Code :

Now Just Copy and Paste below Code into file. Replace my package name with your's in first line of code. In Line No 38 replace "" with your URL. Don't add anything special paste in same same format you are looking. Next Change the URLs of Menu button from line 152 to 162. After that again change the URL in line number 132 and after that if you want to change the progress bar text then you can change it on line number 190 and 192.

In the above project i completely change all the errors which you face in previous article even i also change the cache setting in the project just copy and paste the above code in your project.

If you are a beginner and want all the source code to build a app then open my previous article and copy all the source code from there except , copy from above

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