Basics of Android App Development

Hey Everyone, In this article we talk about basics of android app development, how we can build our own android app with text view or image view or with a web view. In a text view you can implement some texts which shown when a user open a app, if we talk about image view it it also as same as text view only the difference is in image view you get image in the place of text. But these are just simple things android app is not all about text or image or web view. So, lets talk about these basics in detail.
Screenshot of one of the Popular android webview
Screenshot of Android Webview

As I told you earlier this article is all about the basics of android app development, with the help of this article we just try to explain the fundamentals of app development because there are many peoples who want to develop a android app but they actually don't know from where they start. And for this I have uploaded a video our youtube channel so before reading this watch this video :
Topics which I Cover in This Article :

  1.  Basics of Android App Development
  2. What is Text View in Android App Development
  3. What is Image View in Android App Development
  4. What is Web View in Android App Development
  5. From Where we start in Android Studio
Above I Already explain you about Text and Image View, now lets talk about web view. As per the name it is a view in which data is fetch from internet or we can say data is fetch from web, and most of the new learner wants to know about this because this is one of the simple way of making any responsive mobile app, you just have to make your app one time and after that you just update your blog or website and it will automatically updates in your android web view.
        In android web view you can also implement many function like Splash Screen, Swipe to Refresh/ Pull to refresh Layout, different tabs and many more things. On my app you can get all the source code and tutorials of android app soon. I am also uploaded a playlist on my tech youtube channel regarding this you can also search "My Talkies" on YouTube for Android Tutorials in Hindi.

Now the point is From where we actually start in android app, there are many methods and with the help of such methods you can build a android app, even there are many websites which make a android app for you in a minute and it is very simple but that is not the proper way to make a android app . Proper is to make a app with your own coding and for this also there are many software available in market like Eclipse, Android Debug Bridge, Genymotion and many more but most of the developers use Android Studio because android is the product of Google and Android Studio is also a software of google and the interface of android studio is also very simple so anyone can understand the interface and google also provides many documentation regarding new and existing updates. So now the point is From where we start in Android studio and from where we download android studio for this at this time I embed one of my youtube video watch that video and folllow the steps so you can easily setup android studio but in the form of article I write a article on this soon. Enjoy ! 

So, hope you understand to download the android studio after watching the above video but if still you have some doubts then definitely you have to read my next article, I will demonstrate everything in that article one by one.

I hope you like this article, do comment your thought about this article in comment section and also share this with your master buddies.

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