How to Add a Animated Splash Screen in any Android Studio Project

Hey Lovely Peoples, how was your day going this article i will explain you, how to add animated splash screen in any android studio project or any new project even i provide you the source code for this to make it simple for you but if you want to start from beginning then you can read my previous articles where i explained you :

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And in future you get so many tutorials regarding android and technology on this blog but here without wasting any time lets add a splash screen in your project.

Please follow below steps to add animated Splash Screen:


1. Create a Java Class with a Name , you can use name as per your choice and paste there below code and just change the package name with your package name in line 1 :

2. Now Create a Folder under res folder with the name "anim" and under anim folder create a new animation resource file with the name mytransition.xml , you can change the name but if you change name you have to change it everywhere in my source code, so don't change it and paste there below code :

You can change the duration of animation here

 3. Now under layout folder create a new xml file with the name activity_splash.xml and paste the below code and change the line no. 7 & 26 with your image and in line no. 9 change the package name with your package name and for image you just have to copy your image from your desire location and paste it in the folder drawable.
4. Now Everything is almost completed you just have to create a activity before MainActivity in Manifest file, just copy the below source code and paste it before the mainactivity in manifest file :

So now everything is completed and this is the method of creating splash screen in android app project. Hope now you face no issue regarding this but if you still have some question then do comment your feedback in comment area.


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  1. I am add code but dubal app show on my phone one app shoe splash sreen and second not show splash screen how to solution

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